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Family-friendly kids radio for children and their grown-ups.

Kinderling is the soundtrack to your family’s day

We created our shows and playlists to compliment the daily family routine. We start the mornings with happy, upbeat tunes with Start Your EnginesGather 'Round with Groovy Ruby takes us all the way up to lunch time, mixed with playful and educational songs  and activities on Play & Learn.

Later in the day, Pick Me Up is the perfect soundtrack for doing the school and daycare run in the afternoons. Then Settle Petal plays gentler tunes and stories, perfect for meals, bath and prepping for bed.

Then it's bedtime with Sleepy Soundtracks, our nightly mix of lullabies.


This parent resources website was established at the request of the Principal as a means of supporting parents during challenging times in our history.

We hope it is a blessing to you.